Hi, I'm Greg Surbey, an information technology services professional who for years commuted from Nashua, down to Lexington, MA to work at M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory. A little more than a year ago, I accepted an offer to work at high-tech company with an office in Manchester, NH. My quality of life has improved greatly now that I can both live and work in New Hampshire.
    I'm running for Nashua Ward 6 Alderman because I believe that in order to revitalize and reinvigorate our city, Nashua needs to attract and retain young, productive professionals. To attract this demographic, we need to keep taxes low, and support business-friendly legislation that will attract good-paying jobs to the area. Nashua needs to be a safe, family-friendly, pro-growth city to keep the New Hampshire Advantage.
   I believe city government needs get back to basics, providing essential services, well-paved roads, sidewalks where needed, and excellence in education. Our city doesn’t need extravagant spending programs to thrive. Low taxes and a well-run, efficient government will differentiate Nashua from other cities that are failing due to extreme spending programs.
    I'm concerned that property taxes have gone up like crazy over the past few years and city services have remained essentially the same. In 1987 and 1997, Money Magazine named Nashua “The Best City to Live In the US”, but it has been many years since we've made that list. I think in these shaky economic times, the best way to find Nashua on the "Best City” list again is to provide city services in the most efficient manner, and that is what I will focus on.
Please vote for me at the Fairgrounds Middle School on Tuesday, November 3rd.  Thank you.